Quelquepart I

Video (DVD), projection, 10:00 min. Language : French, Subtitle : German.

The artist asked three projectionists numerous questions not heard by the viewer – questions about the length of time the light takes to hit the screen, how long the human gaze takes and whether they ever had the impression that the projected figures were looking back at them. She interlaces their replies in such a way that at times they sound like snippets of film theory, even like poetic fragments, as in the words of one projectionist : « We keep seeing all these dead actors… / A weird feeling. / They continue to live - / like Gary Cooper just right now. / He’s no longer alive, he’s actually a ghost. »

The artist weaves the projectionists’ answers into a self-contained fabric whose crisscrossing threads move from the projection room to the screen, from the illusion of the film to the cinema itself, and back again. She conjures a wide range of associations, charting mental spaces that are documentary and fictional, personal and general, quotidian and philosophical.

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